Harrold Green

Harold Green



  • bireM Co-Founder
  • Milborne Vice President
  • Tridel
  • Camrost Commercial Leasing Manager

Harold has had a long career of successfully marketing real estate through innovative product development and sales programs. He has pioneered many real estate investment programs and seminars that have resulted in the successful sales of hundreds of millions of dollars of residential condominium units through offshore marketing efforts in Hong Kong, Singapore and Brazil.

Harold began his career at the Camrost Group of Companies, one of the more significant mixed-use and residential high-rise development companies in Canada. While with Camrost, Harold launched several of the most successful and significant residential developments that the company launched during that period including One Park Lane, Manhattan Place and Madison Center eventually moving into the position of commercial leasing manager.

Always looking to innovate new product, Harold joined Tridel to market "The office condominiums". Tridel is the largest residential condominium development company in Canada. During his stay he successfully initiated programs that resulted in the sale of a few hundred thousand square feet of office condominiums as well he leased industrial, retail and office space for the company.

Leveraging Harold's experience in residential and commercial properties. Harold became the Vice President of Milborne Real Estate. Hunter Milborne, is a realtor that specialized in launching pre-sale programs and his project list included a number of the biggest and most recognized residential condominiums in the City.

During the early 1990's Canada's economy soft, Harold again innovated new marketing methodology. He partnered with Danny See to successfully launching a series of presale programs for new Toronto residential condominium developments in the Orient, taking advantage of the large number of foreign buyers entering the market. This included the sale of thousands of units including a number of apartment buildings, apartment building conversions, residential condominiums and retail condominium developments.

In 1996, Harold and Cliff Bowan formed bireM, a real estate development consultancy that created and managed marketing programs for a number of American residential condominium developers. During a 4 year period bireM presold major residential condominium developments including the Mayfair in Dallas, the Concorde in Seattle, 245 on Market in San Diego and the Ritz Carlton in Coconut Grove. Many of these award winning projects had solid sales records for velocity and volume in these markets where pre-sales had never really been done before.